For the industry, traditional, home-based and internet businesses.

We provide shipping and logistics for the industry at very reasonable pricing to complement your fleet of drivers. We offer our services to include large volume parcel distributors. Also for Traditional and Internet retailers, as well as messenger service: same day, next day, scheduled pick-ups and deliveries.

10 Reasons to use our delivery service:

  1. Dedicated Drivers and Vehicles: Rapid response collection of 30 minutes and direct delivery to destination or part loads if you need to save money and it's not so urgent.
  2. Safety: Your goods are looked after; Fragile is no problem for us.
  3. Time critical: When it can't wait until tomorrow, we will deliver it a.s.a.p.
  4. Insurance: Valuable up to 10k in one consignment; lets us know if you need greater coverage.
  5. Professional: We as courier are an extension of YOUR Company, peace of mind that your hard earned reputation is still intact.
  6. Our Resources: We provide the vehicle and staff to carry out the delivery.
  7. Delivery Service: We are at your service Monday - Saturday.
  8. Helpful Staff: Our team can assist you throughout the whole process.
  9. Warehousing: We offer free accounts to companies - Subject to acceptance.
  10. Cost Effective: We can greatly reduce your shipping cost; call us to find out how.

Current Service Area: California: Request Services

State and Interstate Parcel Service:

Future Service Areas include: Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Washington.

Our Drivers:

ImageOur Fleet of dedicated drivers can accomodate large volume of parcels and deliver them on time.

ImageYour package will arrive to your customer fast and efficiently.

Service Area:

Besides commercial and residential delivery service. We also service the International Airports at San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. We will soon expand to the S. California Airports.

truckWe have the capacity
for the volume of packages you want to send. Call us for more detail.

clockWe Can Provide "ETA" (estimated time of arrival ) for all our deliveries. As well as pick-up time via text message, or email.